Concluding insurance contracts and claim enforcement

When businesses insure their assets, they usually deal with multiple insurance companies. We focus on identifying unnecessary risks in underwriting and maximising efficiency in the claims process.

It is essential to know the content of the general conditions when entering insurance contracts, as these are the key to the success of claims in the event of damage or accident. Proper understanding and compliance with these terms and conditions allow for optimal protection of the economic operator’s assets and reliable payment of compensation and insurance benefits in the event of unforeseen claims.

Upon concluding an insurance contract

We are committed to ensuring that companies take out appropriate insurance contracts for them and successfully pursue insurance claims. Therefore:

  • We participate in concluding insurance contracts: our team actively and professionally advises economic operators on insurance contracts, aiming to ensure that the client’s interests are optimally represented in property insurance. Leveraging our expertise, clients gain a clear understanding of the different insurance options, along with the benefits and limitations of each package, which empowers them to make informed decisions.
  • We ensure understanding of the general terms and conditions: we carry out a thorough analysis and interpretation of the key provisions contained in the General Terms and Conditions, with an emphasis on ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the client and a professional assessment of the situations in which insurance is excluded or limited. This enables the company to protect its assets adequately and optimally.

Insurance and compensation claims

When a claim occurs, we cooperate with our clients throughout the entire out-of-court or litigation period, and therefore:

  • We claim payouts from insurers: actively pursuing claims for compensation and insurance benefits is our priority. By recognizing the rights of economic operators under insurance contracts and having a thorough understanding of the general terms and conditions, our commitment is to achieve successful and maximum payout. Our dedication to clients and meticulous preparation of documentation ensures that claims are managed with excellence and in line with insurance standards.
  • Initiating litigation: in a situation where an insurer unjustifiably refuses to pay or underpays, we take legal action against the insurer on behalf of the client to protect the rights and interests of companies and take an active role in enforcing the client’s rights. Our role includes legal representation, obtaining the appropriate evidentiary basis and taking legal action with the aim of reaching a fair resolution.

With expert guidance and custom insurance solutions, we empower businesses to boldly navigate risk, paving the way for enduring stability and triumph in today’s ever-changing business landscape. In doing so, we ensure greater safety and financial stability while also contributing to risk reduction and better management of financial uncertainty brought about by unforeseen events and situations.

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