Contract law

Drawing upon our profound expertise and extensive experience in the realm of contracts, we are empowered to deliver thorough legal guidance and support to companies during negotiations, review, preparation, conclusion, execution, or annulment of various types of contracts. Through a dedicated approach, knowledge of the legislation and precision, a solid foundation of legal security is provided and uninterrupted flow of business activities is ensured.

We have a strong focus on offering high-quality advice to companies, particularly when it comes to creating contracts and ensuring legal compliance in the business world. Our commitment and professionalism are the foundation of building trust and lasting relationships with our clients. We understand how crucial well-managed contracts are for business and we work to ensure stability, reliability, and long-term success for companies.

Among the most important and highlighted contracts we prepare are:

  • Commercial contracts: they are binding agreements between two or more entities, outlining specific transactions or services within their business activities. Covering a wide spectrum of business relations, such contracts govern aspects like supply, sales, distribution, partnerships, licensing and more. These agreements define rights, responsibilities, and legal assurance for all parties, safeguarding their interests and bolstering smooth business functioning. Given their complexity, we prioritize these contracts, crafting precise terms to mitigate risks and ensure seamless operations among all parties involved.
  • Collaboration and partnership contracts: we create a variety of agreements that facilitate cooperation, mergers, profit-sharing, strategic partnerships, and shareholder relationships among other forms of business integration.
  • Employment and working related contracts: our team of experts proficiently composes employment contracts, offers guidance on employment relationships, and ensures legal compliance with current regulations and collective agreements.
  • Lease Contracts: we undertake the preparation and assessment of lease agreements for spaces, equipment, or other assets. Our focus is to ensure that these lease terms are legally accurate, providing comprehensive protection for both landlords and tenants.
  • Real estate sale contracts: our services also include preparing and reviewing contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, such as business premises, apartments, buildings, as well as land or plots. We aim for the safe and efficient execution of transactions and ensure the legality of all legal procedures.
  • Financing contracts: We create a range of documentation connected to loans, credits, and various financial agreements between businesses and banks or alternative lenders. These papers are pivotal for overseeing monetary transactions and safeguarding the stakeholders’ rights. Our services encompass crafting agreements for short and long-term loans, consumer lending, bank credit issuances, mortgages, securing loans, asset collateral pledges, capital investments and both financial and operational lease contracts.
  • Confidentiality contracts: contracts that prevent the sharing of confidential details or proprietary secrets, often referred to as NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). The intention is to shield this sensitive information from unauthorized external exposure. These confidentiality contracts are commonplace across sectors, encompassing business dealings, joint ventures, tech initiatives, collaborations with outside contractors, and other professional engagements.
  • Service contracts: these are legally binding agreements between two or more parties where one party undertakes to provide certain services to the other party in return for a fee or other agreed compensation. Types of these agreements include contracts for consultancy, IT, cleaning, graphic design, architecture, marketing, logistics, maintenance and repair, training, translation, among others.

In the intricate landscape of business law, the precision and timeliness of contract drafting is paramount for the integrity of a legal entity. Our thorough attention to detail allows company to navigate its core objectives, as we ensure unwavering legal compliance and safeguard your commercial prerogatives. Offering a skilled legal team, we proficiently deliver bespoke legal strategies specifically crafted for your unique business requirements.

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