Employment relations and labor law compliance

A good knowledge of labour law is important for a company, as it regulates the relationship between employers and employees. In an ever-changing labour law landscape, we have an outstanding expertise in both the regulation of employment relations and the labour law compliance of a company’s business.

Work-related relationships fall within the domain that governs interactions between employers and employees. Notably vibrant and swiftly evolving, this legal sector fuels our commitment to incessantly monitor legislative and case law evolution. Through this diligent vigilance, we furnish clients with the most current and proficient legal counsel, positioning them to confidently navigate emerging legal trends and shifts.

In addition to advice, we also provide other services for employers, such as:

  • drafting and adapting employment contracts, employment contracts with managers, individual employment contracts, employment contracts with managers and proxies,
  • drafting of employment contracts and authors’ contracts,
  • drafting of warnings and termination of employment contracts,
  • legal advice on the correct use of flexible forms of employment,
  • resolving employee disputes and complaints,
  • representation before labour courts and other competent authorities,
  • representation before the labour Inspectorate,
  • legal advice on disciplinary measures.

Labour disputes warrant our focused attention due to the inherent power asymmetry between employers and employees. This dynamic requires employers to meet a higher standard of proof during employment conflicts, which presents a considerable hurdle. Our team is adept at guiding through this obstacle, ensuring equitable treatment and safeguarding interests of our clients throughout the course of any employment dispute.

Ensuring employer compliance with labour law is crucial for fostering fair employment relationships. We assess client needs, perform thorough job analyses, and advise on roles and compensation. Our adaptable system accommodates future needs and growth. Through internal protocols, we create a transparent work environment. With professionalism, we facilitate compliance and trust between employees and employers.

In addition to advice, we also provide other services for employers, such as:

  • drafting employers’ internal acts, e.g., internal regulations and codes of conduct for employees,
  • drafting and adaptation of company collective agreements,
  • support in regulating health and safety at work,
  • drafting legal opinions and interpretations of labour laws and regulations,
  • assistance in regulating work permit issues for foreigners,
  • training for HR departments and management on current labour law issues.

With a keen focus on employment relations and labour law compliance, we provide our clients with operational security and peace of mind. Through precise management of employment relationships, we empower employers to avert potentially avoidable audits and legal actions. Our expertise and professionalism offer companies safeguarding and dependability, forming a robust groundwork for sustained business accomplishments.

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