Employment relationships and labour law compliance

A good understanding of labour law is essential for any company, as it governs the relationship between employers and employees. In an ever-changing labour law landscape, our lawyers stand out for their exceptional expertise in both employment relationships and labour law compliance within a company’s operations.

Employment relationships is the area of law that governs the relationship between employers and employees. It is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving areas of law, which is why we focus on constantly monitoring the development of the legislation and case law that defines this area in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and professional legal advice. This enables us to keep our clients ahead of new trends and changes in legislation.

In addition to providing legal advice, we also offer other services to employers, such as:

  • drafting and adaptation of employment contracts, executive employment contracts, individual employment contracts, employment contracts with managers and holders of procuration,
  • drafting of contracts for services and contracts for copyrighted works,
  • drafting of warnings and notices of termination,
  • legal advice on the correct use of flexible forms of employment,
  • resolving employee disputes and complaints,
  • representation before labour courts and other competent authorities,
  • representation before the Labour Inspectorate,
  • legal advice on disciplinary measures.

We pay particular attention to labour disputes because we are aware that the employer is the stronger party vis-à-vis the employee, which means that it bears a higher burden of proof in an employment dispute, which is a significant challenge. Our experienced lawyers can help you meet this challenge and ensure that your interests are treated fairly and that you are protected in all employment disputes.

Employer compliance with labour law is essential to creating fair and transparent employment relationships. We thoroughly review the client’s business needs, carry out a comprehensive job analysis and advise on task assignments, pay grades, etc. We understand that employment needs change, so we ensure that the system can adapt to the future needs and growth of the company. We ensure an orderly, transparent and successful working environment by drafting the internal acts of the employer. With professionalism and attention to detail, we help our clients achieve full compliance and trust between employees and the employer.

In addition to providing legal advice, we also offer other services to employers, such as:

  • drafting the internal acts of the employer, i.e. internal policies and codes of conduct for employees,
  • drafting and adaptation of company collective agreements,
  • assistance with health and safety at work regulations,
  • preparation of legal opinions and interpretations of labour laws and regulations,
  • assistance with work permits for foreigners,
  • training for HR and management on current labour law issues.

Our attention to employment relationships and labour law compliance ensures our clients’ security and peace of mind. By taking the right approach and carefully regulating employment relationships, we enable employers to avoid potentially unnecessary inspections and judicial proceedings. Our professionalism and experience in this area provides business entities with protection and reliability, creating a solid foundation for successful business operations.

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