Energy and environment

Sustainable energy based on renewable energy sources is the key to the future of energy. Our vision is sustainable development as a collaborative process where economic operators and individuals co-create the energy future at global, European, and regional level.

In the dynamic landscape of energy field, our practice intricately threads together a fabric of legal excellence, merging mastery and experience across corporate, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, construction, public procurement, dispute resolution, financial and civil law domains.

Supply and distribution

In this rapidly changing specific area, we focus on comprehensive support for clients in legal consulting, contract conclusion and execution for the supply or distribution of various forms of energy.

Coping with the recent surge in energy prices is a major, if not the key, challenge for economic operators. To ensure liquidity for economic operators and to remain competitive in the market, we are working with our customers to adjust the contractual terms with their energy suppliers.

Investments in the energy sector

We offer a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign investors intending to build a power plant for energy production from renewable sources (biomass power plants, solar power plants, wind power plants, hydro power plants, geothermal power plants). Investors face various legal, regulatory, and business challenges during the establishment and operation of a power plant, so it is essential to have legal support and advice at all stages of the project:

  • Legal advice and regulatory framework analysis: we ensure a correct understanding of Slovenian and European legislation in the field of renewable energy sources, including laws on energy, environment, construction, and other relevant regulations.
  • Location scouting: with our legal support, investors receive an accurate assessment of different sites for power plant construction and the appropriateness of the property in accordance with all specified criteria. Additionally, property rights transfer and the accuracy of the property’s land registry status are managed by us.
  • Company establishment and legal structure: we advise clients on choosing the most appropriate legal structure (e.g., limited liability company, joint-stock company) when establishing a legal entity to manage the power plant.
  • Obtaining construction, environmental, and other permits: it’s crucial that all necessary permits for construction and operation of the power plant are acquired. We advise and represent investors in the processes of obtaining construction permits and in proceedings involving appeals or contentious issues and advise investors on obtaining environmental and other necessary permits for power plant operation.
  • Negotiation and contract conclusion: we represent investors in negotiations and in concluding contracts with their business partners, including equipment suppliers, construction contractors, financial institutions, and others.
  • Monitoring environmental regulations and legislative changes: Ensuring renewable energy projects adhere to environmental regulations is crucial. We advise investors to ensure their operations match the existing legislative framework and suggest project adjustments in response to regulatory changes.
  • Financial advice and fundraising: we provide legal advice to investors on obtaining financial resources for the project, including obtaining loans, grants, or other forms of financing.
  • Dispute resolution: We represent and advise clients in legal disputes with other entities or in proceedings before regulators and inspection bodies.
  • Operation and compliance: once the power plant is operational, our legal guidance continues, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations.
  • Connecting with business partners: facilitating and maintaining business relationships for investors involves nurturing collaborative connections with counterparts in diverse sectors of the economy. These affiliations play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful implementation of investment projects within the energy sector.


Foreign and domestic investors seeking subsidies in the energy sector in Slovenia often focus on projects that promote sustainable and renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. Slovenia, like other European countries, encourages investments in the energy sector that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, increasing energy security, and developing green technology. We work with our clients to advise them on business opportunities and subsidy opportunities in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy: Investments in solar, wind, and hydro energy.
  • Energy efficiency: Projects that enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, industry, and transportation.
  • Smart grids: Investments in smart grids and technologies for energy control and management.
  • Electric mobility: Development of infrastructure for electric vehicles, such as charging stations, and promoting electric mobility.
  • Heat pumps and cogeneration: Projects that improve the efficiency of heating and cooling, as well as electricity production.
  • Innovative technologies: Research and development in the field of energy technology and the introduction of innovative solutions for better energy efficiency.

We meet challenges directly, working to understand and solve the complex issues that investors and others face. Our contentment is derived from the profound impact of our work, contributing to a future that’s not only cleaner but also more promising. Furthermore, our team finds fulfilment in knowing that our efforts play a significant role in shaping a future marked by improved environmental sustainability.

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