Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Clients receive a comprehensive service for mergers and acquisitions, covering both domestic and international transactions. Furthermore, ongoing support is assured for the seamless integration of the acquiring and target companies after the transaction is finalized, all while upholding strict compliance with competition rules and regulations. Additionally, our team offers counsel to individuals seeking to efficiently divest their target business.

Aiming for market dominance and minimizing competition are critical aspects of the M&A journey. Thus, backing from legal and financial specialists is vital throughout each phase. We assist those acquiring a business from the initial assessment of transactional synergies and setting acquisition tactics, all the way through negotiations, the due diligence and financial due diligence of the target company, right up to finalizing the agreement, providing guidance during the post-acquisition integration of both the target and the buyer.

Key transaction phases for acquiring companies:

  • Strategy planning: in collaboration with our clients, we outline goals like boosting market presence, venturing into new sectors, and securing essential technologies. In this stage, we analyse the market to pinpoint prospective companies that align with the client’s aims. We conduct a financial review and an initial appraisal of the target company’s worth, subsequently drafting a fitting letter of intent.
  • Negotiations: we represent the client during negotiation phases on key transaction terms, including price, payment terms, transaction structure, rights of shareholders or partners, debt transfer and transaction execution timelines. Our role in safeguarding the client’s business interests involves the use of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of proprietary information throughout the negotiation process and beyond.
  • Due Diligence: our service includes a thorough examination of the target company’s operations, both legally and financially, with an emphasis on areas critical to the client’s interests. This sets the foundation for each step in the merger or acquisition journey. Our approach includes an in-depth, unbiased analysis of the target’s operations in partnership with our trusted network of sanctioned auditors, seasoned financial accountants, accredited assessors of business, real estate, machinery, and equipment, along with experts from various specialized domains. This phase is crucial for pinpointing potential risks and gaining a precise understanding of the target’s worth.
  • Conclusion of the contract: our legal team precisely prepares all necessary contracts and other documentation required to protect the client’s interests. We ensure compliance with legal requirements, regulations and our clients’ wishes and needs. Our goal is to reduce potential risks with well-prepared contracts, ensuring a smooth and flawless merger or acquisition transaction.
  • Financing transaction: we guide clients in choosing the right financing options to successfully carry out their acquisition or merger plans, considering their specific needs and goals, along with guidance on securing loans, investors, or alternative sources of financing to back the transaction.
  • Integration: once the transaction is complete, the process of integrating both companies begin. Our role involves guiding clients in harmonizing processes, workforce, and other essential elements for the effective operation of the merged company.

Moreover, for clients aiming to achieve a successful company sale, we provide comprehensive legal guidance. With an in-depth understanding of business challenges and legal intricacies of acquisitions, our support covers the entire procedure, ensuring the protection of their interests and the successful conclusion of the transaction.

Prioritizing adherence to competition rules is our focus. Our experienced team ensures that the notification of potential concentrations and the market analysis are carried out accurately and in a timely manner, enabling our clients to conduct their M&A business processes in compliance with applicable competition regulations.

Key transaction phases for business entity sellers:

  • Strategy Planning: we work with sellers to identify their acquisition goals and develop an appropriate strategy plan aligned with their business objectives.
  • Buyer assessment: utilizing our well-established network and wealth of experience, we undertake comprehensive due diligence on potential buyers. This involves assessing their reliability and financial stability to determine if they are a suitable fit for the undertaking.
  • Negotiations: we provide guidance and act on behalf of the seller during negotiations with potential buyers, aiming to secure favourable terms and an equitable valuation for the company being offered for sale.
  • Documentation Preparation: we prepare contract documentation ensuring the seller’s interests and compliance with regulations.
  • Completion of transaction: We make sure the acquisition transaction goes smoothly and all agreed conditions are met.

Through our specialized legal proficiency and dedicated engagement, we empower our clients to navigate the transaction process securely and with success. This permits them to concentrate on their business operations and strategize for the times ahead.

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