Mergers and acquisitions

We provide a comprehensive M&A service to our clients in both domestic and international transactions. We guide our clients through the entire transaction process and the post-transaction integration of acquirer and target, ensuring that the process complies with competition law. We also advise clients who wish to sell their company successfully.

We advise and assist the acquirer of the target company through all stages of the transaction, from the analysis of transaction synergies and the definition of the acquisition strategy, through the negotiation process, the legal and financial due diligence of the target company, to the execution of the contract. We also provide post-closing advice on the integration of the acquirer and the target.

Key transaction stages for the acquirer:

  • Strategy planning: We work with the client to define objectives such as: increasing market share, expanding into new markets and acquiring key technologies. During this phase, we analyse the market and identify potential target companies that meet the client’s objectives. We carry out a financial analysis and a preliminary assessment of the value of the target company and prepare an appropriate Letter of Intent.
  • Negotiations: We represent the client in the negotiation phase of the key terms of the transaction, such as: price, payment terms, transaction structure, rights of shareholders or company members, transfer of debts, transaction deadlines, etc. We protect the client’s business interests at this stage by drafting an appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement to prevent the disclosure or leakage of trade secrets during the negotiation phase and in subsequent phases.
  • Legal and financial due diligence: We provide an in-depth and comprehensive legal and financial due diligence of the target company’s business, focusing on areas of key importance to the client, which forms the basis for each subsequent stage of the M&A transaction process. This involves a detailed and independent review of the target company’s business. We work with a permanent network of certified auditors, qualified financial accountants, certified valuers of businesses, property, plant and equipment and other experts in specific fields. This step is crucial for identifying potential risks and gaining a clear insight into the value of the target company.
  • Contract execution: Drafting the contractual documentation is one of the key stages in the acquisition or merger process. Our team of lawyers carefully and meticulously prepares all the necessary contracts and other documentation to protect our clients’ interests. We take into account legal and regulatory requirements as well as the wishes and needs of our clients. Our goal is to mitigate potential risks through well-drafted contracts and to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition or merger transaction.
  • Transaction financing: We advise clients on how to obtain financing for the successful implementation of an acquisition or merger strategy, taking into account their specific needs and objectives. We provide professional assistance to acquirers in selecting the most appropriate financial structure and advise on obtaining loans, investors or other sources of financing to support the transaction.
  • Integration: Once the transaction is complete, we guide our clients through the integration of the two companies, advising on the coordination of processes, the management of human resources and other key factors critical to the efficient operation of the company.

We also provide comprehensive legal advice to clients wishing to successfully sell their company. With a deep understanding of the business challenges and legal aspects of acquisitions, we provide our clients with professional guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that their interests are protected and the transaction is successful.

We focus on compliance with competition law. Where required, we ensure accurate and timely notification of potential concentrations and legal analysis of the market, enabling our clients to conduct their M&A business processes in compliance with applicable competition law.

Key stages of a transaction for sellers of companies:

  • Strategy planning: We work with sellers to identify their acquisition goals and aspirations and develop an appropriate strategic plan aligned with their business objectives.
  • Buyer due diligence: We use our network and experience to conduct due diligence on potential buyers, assessing their reliability and financial viability to ensure a safe transaction.
  • Negotiations: We advise and represent the seller in negotiations with potential buyers to achieve the best terms for the sale of the company.
  • Preparation of documentation: We prepare contractual documentation to protect the seller’s interests and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Transaction closure: We ensure that all mutually agreed terms are met.

With our specialist legal expertise and personal commitment, we guide our clients through the entire transaction process to ensure its safe and successful completion, allowing them to focus on their business and plan for the future.

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