Public procurement

Our knowledge of the complex legal framework of public procurement enables our clients to legally and, above all, transparently manage or participate in the public procurement process. This ability is pivotal in effectively managing or engaging in the public procurement process, a critical factor for the seamless realization of transactions.

We combine expertise and experience, working with both contracting authorities and bidders. Our wide range of services encompasses the entire spectrum of the public procurement process. This allows us to offer expert support and advice at every stage of this demanding, multi-phased process.

Representing tenderers

Dedicated to the success of tenderers in the public procurement process, we provide comprehensive support through the following services:

  • Thorough analysis of tender documentation: we carefully review tenders and the needs of the contracting authority, enabling us to develop a strategy for successful bid submission.
  • Preparation of competitive bids: we help tenderers prepare documents and create offers that make them stand out from competitors, boosting their odds of winning the deal.
  • Holistic process management: we ensure timely bid submission and oversee other required actions throughout the process.
  • Communication with contracting authorities: we ensure effective and clear communication on public procurement portals, allowing economic operators to work transparently and fairly with the contracting authority.
  • Preparation and submission of revision requests: through the eRevizija portal, we file revision requests related to tender content, invitation to bid or the tender documentation.
  • Representation in administrative disputes: by identifying potential non-compliance with the fundamental principles of the public procurement process, we safeguard the parties’ interests by initiating an administrative dispute if necessary.
  • Claiming compensation: through our services, tenderers receive strong legal protection within the bounds of the rule of law, including options for damage recovery. This aids in curbing corruption risk and fostering integrity and transparency among economic operators.

Representation of contracting authorities

Entities obliged to undertake public procurement include public sector bodies and other entities operating in the public interest associated with executing public procurements, particularly bodies of the Republic of Slovenia, local self-governing community bodies and other public law entities. These encompass public funds, public agencies, public institutes, public commercial institutes, legal entities, public enterprises operating in infrastructure and others not typically obliged for public procurement but involved in subsidized or co-financed procurements.

For contracting authorities aiming for a successful and transparent execution of the public procurement process, we offer the following key services:

  • Preparation of a needs analysis and requirements for the project.
  • Preparation of the calculation of the estimated value of the procurement.
  • Preparation of tender documents: prepare precise and legally compliant tender documents setting out the conditions and criteria for the selection of the most suitable tenderer, including amendments and modifications to the tender documents.
  • Publication of tenders on official portals: we ensure the correct and timely publication of tenders on the relevant official portals.
  • Evaluation of tenders and selection of the most advantageous tenderer: we ensure an impartial and professional evaluation of the tenders received and advise on the selection of the most suitable tenderer according to the criteria set.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and transparency of procedures: we ensure that all procedures are carried out in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, while ensuring transparency and openness at all stages of the procurement process.
  • Preparation of a statement in an audit procedure.
  • Representation in administrative litigation: we enable the contracting authority to protect its interests effectively through dedication and professionalism.

With our expert support, both contracting authorities and business entities can focus on their core operations. Meanwhile, we seamlessly manage the entire procurement process, substantially enhancing the likelihood of securing successful business ventures and obtaining optimal bids.

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