Public procurement

Our knowledge of the complex regulatory framework of public procurement enables our clients to manage or participate in the public procurement process in a legally compliant and, above all, transparent manner, which is crucial for the successful award of a contract.

We pool our knowledge and experience and work with both contracting authorities and tenderers. Our wide range of services covers the full spectrum of the public procurement process, enabling us to provide expert support and advice at all stages of a complex, multi-phased process.

Representation of tenderers

We are committed to the success of tenderers in the public procurement process and provide a full range of services including:

  • Thorough analysis of procurement documents: We carefully analyse the invitation to tender and the contracting authority’s requirements in order to prepare a strategy for a successful tender.
  • Preparation of a competitive tender: We assist the tenderer in preparing the documentation and structuring the tender to ensure that it stands out from the competition and increases the chances of being awarded the contract.
  • Comprehensive management of the procedure: We ensure that the tender is submitted on time and that the other steps in the procedure are carried out.
  • Communication with the contracting authority: We ensure effective and clear communication on public procurement portals, enabling business entities to work with the contracting authority in a transparent and fair manner.
  • Drafting and filing a request for review: On behalf of the client, we file a request for review via the eRevizija portal, concerning the content of the publication, the invitation to tender or the procurement documents.
  • Representation in administrative disputes: We identify possible non-compliance with the basic principles of the public procurement procedure and protect the interests of the client by initiating an administrative dispute.
  • Claiming damages against the contracting authority through civil proceedings: We provide tenderers with effective legal protection in accordance with the rule of law, including the possibility of claiming damages. This helps to reduce the risk of corruption and promotes integrity and transparency in the business environment of business entities.

Representation of contracting authorities

Entities subject to public procurement obligations are public sector bodies and well as other entities operating in the public interest and related to the implementation of public procurement, in particular the authorities of the Republic of Slovenia, authorities of self-governing local communities and other bodies governed by public law, including public funds, public agencies, public institutions and public economic institutions, as well as other legal entities, public undertakings operating in the field of infrastructure and other entities not otherwise subject to public procurement obligations, in the case of contracts subsidised or co-financed by contracting authorities.

We provide the following key services to the contracting authority to ensure a successful and transparent public procurement process:

  • Preparation of a needs analysis and requirements for the project.
  • Preparation of the calculation of the estimated value of the public contract.
  • Preparation of procurement documents: We prepare precise and legally compliant procurement documents setting out the conditions, criteria and measures for selecting the most suitable tenderer, including amendments and modifications to the procurement documents.
  • Publication of calls for tenders on official portals: We ensure that calls for tenders are published correctly and on time on the relevant official portals.
  • Evaluation of tenders and selection of the most economically advantageous tenderer: We ensure an impartial and professional evaluation of the tenders received and advise on the selection of the most suitable tenderer according to the criteria set.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and transparency of procedures: We ensure that all procedures are carried out in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, while ensuring transparency and openness at all stages of the public procurement process.
  • Preparation of clarifications in review procedures.
  • Representation in administrative disputes: Our commitment and professionalism enable our clients to protect their interests effectively.

With our expert support, contracting authorities and business entities can concentrate on their core business, while we manage the entire public procurement process, significantly increasing the chances of success in the award of the contract and the tendering process.

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