Real estate and construction law

Specialization and expertise define our approach to real estate, covering purchase, sale, leasing, brokerage, finance, and property management. With experience in transactions and construction projects, we offer advice and representation for ownership transfers, management, financing, and insurance. Our scope also includes infrastructure building, new constructions, and renovation, covering all stages from design to agreement drafting.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support when entering the real estate market. This includes assistance in the sale or purchase of properties, conducting property due diligence, advising on construction projects, establishing, and transferring real property rights and representing clients in real estate or construction-related litigation.

We represent and advise:

  • Domestic and foreign businesses and sole traders throughout all stages of real estate transactions. We draft sales and lease agreements and other contracts necessary for the full legal regulation of real estate, including easements, insurance, and the alignment of the land register with the actual status of the property. For companies aiming to construct buildings, whether as long-term investments or for their own activities, ensuring legal certainty and regulatory compliance throughout the construction process is crucial. Checking the land registry status of the real estate, representing clients in securing relevant permits, and preparing essential legal documents and contracts become fundamental steps. Building contracts, deals with subcontractors, architects, designers, and engineers are crucial for a project to run smoothly. For those involved in investment projects, it’s important to understand financing options, create the right financial contracts, and protect interests tied to funding.
  • Construction companies are provided with legal advice and support for projects they are carrying out for their clients and when they plan to build their own facilities with a view to selling them. Our responsibilities encompass the meticulous preparation and review of all legal documents. This includes a spectrum of contracts, ranging from those forged with clients engaged in construction, to agreements with subcontractors and suppliers. Our proficiency also extends to providing insightful counsel on matters concerning real estate regulations, particularly in the phases involving land surveying and registration. Throughout these processes, we are committed to aiding in the acquisition of essential permits, including those necessary for building and occupancy. Moreover, our role involves offering guidance to our clientele when it comes to potential conflict resolution and the intricate realm of claim settlements.
  • For real estate agencies we offer a broad spectrum of legal services, covering all facets of property-related transactions and activities. Our expertise extends from handling specific details like ownership transfers to more encompassing matters such as financing and leasing. Beyond transactional guidance, we also assist with any potential disputes or challenges these organizations might face.
  • Residential building managers are guided by us in comprehending and applying the specific laws that oversee their operations. We play an instrumental role in creating and scrutinizing contracts with their associated partners, such as maintenance service providers. When disagreements arise, whether among residents or with other concerned entities, we offer legal representation and strategize to find the most effective solutions. Our overarching goal is to ensure they stay compliant with all pertinent regulations, assist them in meeting their duties and oversee communal financial responsibilities meant for the betterment and maintenance of shared facilities within the building. Through our dedicated services, we aim to foster a sense of legal clarity, efficient management and foster positive relationships with both tenants and stakeholders.
  • In dispute resolution our role entails standing in for clients during friendly negotiations to reach settlements, as well as during legal proceedings in courts.

General terms of sale for parts of buildings

For clients involved in selling parts of multi-unit buildings, we provide the legal service of crafting general sales terms, designed with an emphasis on maximizing protection and effective safeguarding of sellers’ interests. As these terms encompass a broad range of the seller’s and buyer’s rights and obligations, we design clauses to ensure transparency, fairness, and protection of our clients’ interests during the sales process and ownership period.

We’re at the forefront, constantly evolving with legislative shifts and pioneering industry practices. Our solutions aren’t just current – they’re top-tier and efficient, consistently aligning with the most exacting standards. Each case we take on is a canvas for us to craft customized legal support and holistic solutions that resonate with our clients’ distinct requirements and aspirations.

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