Real estate and construction law

We specialise in and have extensive experience of real estate transactions, both sales and purchases, rental, leasing, agency, financing and property management. Through active involvement in real estate transactions and construction projects of all sizes, we have acquired the practical knowledge to effectively advise and represent clients in the transfer of ownership, management, financing and insurance of real estate, as well as the construction of infrastructure, new buildings and the refurbishment of existing buildings at all stages of the process, including the preparation of design and construction contracts.

We provide comprehensive support to clients entering the real estate market. We assist in the sale or purchase of real estate, carry out due diligence on the real estate, advise on the implementation of construction projects, the creation and transfer of rights in rem and represent the client in disputes relating to real estate or construction.

We represent and advise:

  • Foreign and domestic companies and sole traders in all stages of real estate transactions. We draw up sale and rental or lease agreements and other contracts necessary for the full legal regulation of real estate, including easements, insurance and econciliation of entries in the land register with facts. We provide legal certainty and compliance for legal entities planning to build facilities, either as a long-term investment or for their own activities, by advising on all stages of the construction project. In this context, we check the land register status of the real estate, represent our clients in obtaining the relevant permits, prepare all necessary legal documents and contracts, such as: construction contracts, subcontracts, contracts with architects, designers and engineers, as well as other contracts that are essential for the successful and orderly implementation of the project. For investment projects, we advise clients on financing methods, drafting appropriate financing agreements and protecting the security interest in the financing.
  • We provide legal advice and support to construction companies on projects they undertake for their clients, as well as in cases where they plan to build their own facilities with a view to selling them. We draft or review all legal documents, including construction contracts with clients, subcontracts and supplier agreements. We advise on the regulation of real estate in surveying and land register proceedings, and on the obtaining of relevant permits, including building and operating permits. We advise our clients on potential disputes with their clients and the handling of complaints.
  • We advise real estate agencies on the legal compliance of agency contracts and real estate transactions in which the agencies act as intermediaries, in particular on the drafting of all types of contracts relating to the transfer of the ownership right, encumbrances, financing and security of real estate, and the letting of real estate. We advise on dispute resolution.
  • We advise managers of multi-dwelling buildings on understanding and implementing the legislation that governs their work, and assist in drafting and reviewing contracts with contractual partners, including maintenance companies. We provide legal representation and find effective solutions to disputes between residents or with other stakeholders. We also ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and obligations and help them manage the joint finances for the maintenance and improvement of the common parts of the buildings. Our efforts focus on providing legal certainty and professional support to enable effective management and good relationships with residents and other stakeholders.
  • In the area of dispute resolution, we represent clients in cases of amicable settlement of disputes and before courts in the area of real estate and construction law.

General conditions for the sale of individual units of a building 

For clients selling individual units of a building with several separate units, we provide legal services in drafting general conditions of sale, which are designed to provide maximum protection and effective safeguarding of the seller’s interests. As the general conditions cover a wide range of rights and obligations of both the seller and the buyer, we draft them in such a way as to ensure transparency, fairness and protection of our clients’ interests both during the sale process and during the period of ownership. 

We continually adapt our work to changes and innovations in legislation and follow industry best practice to ensure that our solutions are always up to date, efficient and of the highest standard. We work on a case-by-case basis, providing our clients with tailored legal support and comprehensive solutions that reflect their specific needs and objectives.

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