Representation in court, out-of-court and inspection proceedings

Representation in court is an important part of the legal system, ensuring legal certainty and the fair and transparent resolution of legal disputes. We provide comprehensive representation in court and out-of-court dispute resolution and inspection proceedings. By focusing on a strategic approach and constructive dispute resolution, we aim to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

In court proceedings, in particular in commercial disputes before the ordinary courts and in labour disputes, we are committed and determined to take all necessary steps within the limits of the law to ensure that our clients’ business interests are effectively served. Our strategy is based on thorough legal research, review and study of current case law and analysis of evidence. We adhere to the highest standards of legal ethics and professionalism.

We also have extensive experience in out-of-court dispute resolution and mediation, negotiation and arbitration. We mediate between disputing parties and find appropriate legal solutions that are consistent with the law and the client’s business interests. In mediation, we act as a neutral facilitator, encouraging dialogue between the parties and promoting solutions that meet their interests and needs. In arbitration, we offer the parties the opportunity to resolve their dispute quickly and finally before an independent arbitrator who makes a binding decision. In negotiations, we focus on achieving the parties’ objectives through a constructive and effective negotiation strategy.

We represent clients in inspection proceedings, ensuring that the proceedings are conducted in accordance with the law and that the inspection authorities respect all of the client’s rights.

We seek innovative solutions for our clients. We carefully consider each case in terms of the options, tactics and legal steps required in the process. In particular, our services include:

  • Legal advice: We analyse the client’s legal position, present possible legal solutions and advise on the best legal steps and strategies to achieve the client’s objectives.
  • Representation: We help clients understand the legal process, including familiarising them with the rules of procedure, deadlines, obligations and the burden of proof. Based on a thorough analysis of the case and taking into account the objectives, we develop an appropriate strategy and an effective argument.
  • Gathering and presenting evidence: We take an active role in gathering the evidence necessary to support the client’s claims, assessing the quality, reliability and relevance of the evidence, and critically evaluating any counter-evidence and its viability.
  • Drafting pleadings: When drafting actions, proposals, statements of defence, objections and written pleadings, we focus on a careful analysis of the facts and legal issues, and develop a sound legal basis for our clients’ claims. Our aim is to provide clear and convincing arguments that uphold the rights and defend the interests of the client.
  • Filing of ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies: In appeal proceedings, we ensure that judgements and procedures are scrutinised and that any violations of the provisions of civil proceedings and erroneous applications of substantive law are identified. Extraordinary legal remedies such as revision, request for protection of legality, reopening of proceedings and reinstatement of the previous state are a specific part of our services. We are committed to a professional approach and a rigorous analysis of the legal issues.
  • Filing of constitutional complaints: In the event that all ordinary and extraordinary remedies have been exhausted, the rights of the client are protected by filing a constitutional complaint with the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia.

Through our careful and attentive approach to each case, we ensure that the business entities we represent can continue their business with confidence, knowing that quality representation reduces the possibility of potential losses and risks. Our professional work contributes to the safe and successful operation of our clients and builds trust and reputation in the business environment.

Krištof & Brečko Advokatura