Resolving warranty claims and complaints

Dealing with warranty claims and complaints can be time consuming and costly for businesses. We regularly ensure that our clients assert and protect their commercial interests and minimise potential financial loss in the event of unfounded or exaggerated claims.

Legislative changes in this area are very dynamic and we keep a close eye on the development of case law, which is also very varied. We specialise in the efficient handling of all aspects of these proceedings, with the aim of preventing abuse through unjustified claims and safeguarding our clients’ commercial interests to the full.

A warranty is an undertaking by the producer (guarantor) to the consumer, in addition to its legal obligations, to repair or replace the goods free of charge, or to refund part or all of the purchase price, if the goods do not meet the specifications or features stated in the warranty or in the advertising. However, a consumer can claim a material defect from the business entity as the seller if the consumer buys a service or product that does not work, does not have the characteristics it should have or is otherwise not in conformity with the contract.

The main services we provide to business entities in relation to warranty claims and complaints include:

  • Legal advice: We carefully analyse warranty claims and complaints, the client’s obligations and present the best legal options to protect the client’s interests.
  • Claims verification: Claims verification is a critical step where we focus on thoroughly reviewing documentation and analysing claims and complaints procedures with professionalism and precision. We strive to identify any irregularities or unjustified claims so that we can respond to the situation in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Verification of warranty obligations: We thoroughly verify and analyse warranty obligations by carefully reviewing warranty certificates, contracts, advertisements and other relevant documents to verify the obligations entered into by the business entity in relation to products and services.
  • Representation: We provide legal support and active representation in the event of disputes or discrepancies in complaints and warranty claims procedures.

Our main objective is to preserve the reputation and trust of our clients, therefore we adopt a professional approach to protect their interests and reputation, while ensuring their success and long-term satisfaction without financial loss.

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