Taking out insurance policies and making claims

When insuring assets, business entities are often faced with the prospect of taking out policies with a number of different insurers. We focus on identifying unnecessary risks in the underwriting process and maximising efficiency in the claims process.

It is essential to know the contents of the general terms and conditions when taking out an insurance policy, as they are the key to successful claims in the event of a loss or accident. Understanding and complying with these terms and conditions will ensure the best possible protection of the business entity’s assets and the reliable payment of compensation and insurance benefits in the event of unforeseen claims.

When taking out an insurance policy 

We are committed to ensuring that business entities take out appropriate insurance policies and that claims are successfully settled:

  • We are involved in taking out insurance policies: We actively and professionally advise business entities on taking out insurance policies and strive to ensure that the client’s interests are best represented in relation to property insurance. Our expertise ensures that clients understand the different insurance options, benefits and limitations of each package, enabling them to make informed and considered decisions.
  • We ensure familiarity with the content of the general terms and conditions: We carry out a thorough analysis and interpretation of the key provisions contained in the general terms and conditions, focusing on ensuring a full understanding of the client and a professional assessment of the situations in which insurance is excluded or limited. This enables the business entity to protect its assets in an appropriate and optimal manner. 

Compensation and insurance claims 

In the event of a claim, we work with our clients throughout the entire process, both in and out of court:

  • We claim payment from insurance companies: We actively pursue compensation and insurance claims. By recognising the rights of business entities in the context of insurance contracts and with a thorough understanding of the general terms and conditions, we are committed to ensuring a successful and maximum payout. Our commitment to our clients and careful preparation of documentation ensure that claims are handled with quality and in accordance with insurance standards.
  • We take legal action: In a situation where an insurance company unjustifiably refuses to pay or underpays, we take legal action and initiate judicial proceedings against the insurance company on behalf of the client to protect the rights and interests of the company and play an active role in enforcing the rights of the client. Our role is to provide legal representation, obtain the relevant evidence and take legal action to achieve a fair resolution.

Through specialist advice and tailored insurance solutions, we enable business entities to manage their risks effectively, helping them to achieve long-term stability and success in a dynamic business world. This provides greater security and financial stability, while helping to reduce risks and better manage financial uncertainty caused by unforeseen events and situations.

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