Warranty and claim enforcement

For businesses, dealing with warranty and claims is time-consuming and costly. We regularly work to ensure that our customers assert and protect their business interests and minimise potential financial losses in the event of unfounded or excessive claims.

Legislation changes in this area are very dynamic, so we also pay attention to the development of case law. We are specialized in effectively handling all aspects of these processes with the goal of preventing abuse from unjustified claims and ensuring our clients’ business interests to the greatest extent.

A warranty is a commitment from the manufacturer (guarantor) to the consumer, in addition to statutory obligations, to repair or replace the product free of charge or refund part or all the purchase price if the product does not meet the specifications or characteristics mentioned in the warranty or advertisement. However, a consumer can claim a factual defect from the trader as seller when buying a service or product if it does not work, does not have the characteristics it should have or is otherwise not in conformity with the contract.

Key services we offer to businesses regarding warranty and claim requests include:

  • Legal advice: we analyse warranty and complaint claims as well as customer obligations thoroughly. Subsequently, we present clients with the best legal options to protect their interests effectively.
  • Claim verification: claims verification is a crucial step, where we focus on thoroughly reviewing documentation and analysing the claims and warranty procedures with professionalism and precision. We are dedicated to detecting any irregularities or unjustified claims, enabling timely and appropriate responses.
  • Warranty obligation checks: warranty obligations are thoroughly checked and analysed. A detailed review of warranty certificates, contracts, advertisements, and other crucial documents verifies the obligations the business has taken regarding products and services.
  • Representation: we provide legal support and active representation in case of disputes or inconsistencies in the claim and warranty request procedures.

Our main goal is to preserve our clients’ reputation and trust, so we take a professional approach to protect the interests and reputation of our clients, while at the same time ensuring their success and long-term satisfaction without financial loss.

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